Choose the products and features you want. With trusted brands like Nest, Ring, and Phillips, we provide a reliable and easy experience. Pick from smart locks, thermostats, garage controllers, doorbells, baby monitors, lighting systems, Amazon Alexa devices, Google Home, and security systems customized for your unique space. Whether you have a sprawling mansion or a cozy apartment, we have a solution for you. 



Arlo offers the flexibility of wireless placement with its outdoor 1080p high definition cameras and convenient cloud storage. These cameras feature microphones and speakers for two-way conversations, motion sensors for recording only when people are present, and IP65-certified weatherproofing to stand up to the worst conditions. 


Nest provides face-detecting 1080 p indoor wired cameras to keep an eye on any corner of your home. With a 4k camera lens, these cameras have the ability to zoom in up to 4x without losing clarity; meaning you won't miss a single detail.


August smart locks provide convenient operation from any of your portable devices such as your phone or tablet and allow you to make sure your home is secured any time of the day. With features such as automated locking, time-sensitive key generation for guests, and a record of who uses the lock during the day, you can feel secure knowing exactly who comes and goes. It doesn't even require you to change your old key!


Schlage smart locks give you even more features including an additional touchpad for quicker access and the highest rated commercial grade certification available for a residential lock for that extra step of security. Like August, this lock can hold up to 30 unique users codes to track who comes and goes, and comes equipped with even further advanced tamper-proofing to prevent any lockpicking or attempts at forced entry.  


GoControl connects any existing garage door to your smart home and allows you to control it from anywhere. You can set automatic reminders to alert you when your garage has been open for too long, and operate it remotely to allow people access when you are away from home. Installation is easy and you won't need to change any existing equipment. 


Nest smoke and CO detectors allow you to monitor your home and alert you to potential hazards even while you are gone. Their speaker equipped alarms will signal you to where a fire is being detected in your home, so you and your family can quickly find an exit path in an emergency, and has the bonus of informing you of dangerous weather too. In the case of false alarms, they can easily be silenced from your phone, and conveniently come with built-in rechargeable batteries for backup when power is out.


Ring doorbells provide clear 1080p video and two-way audio to allow you to check your doorway any time someone comes knocking. With their adjustable motion tracking and live view features, you can ensure that every package stays exactly where it's supposed to and that you have "eyes" at your home even if you're halfway around the world. 


Nest thermostats allow you to save money and energy by automating your heating and air. These thermostats are controllable on your phone or tablet and learn your habits through your daily routine to keep your home just the way you like. With features such as home/away detection that will lower or raise temperatures based on your location, to eco features that help save you money by conserving power, this thermostat pays for itself. 


Our various sensors can help you monitor if windows and doors are closed, your basement or any room is flooding, control lights when motion is present, listen for sounds when you are away from home, and many other features. These devices can be adapted to your specific needs and ensure your home is protected. 


Our smart switches allow you to control all of your lights and fans in your home with simple light switches installed in the same position as your existing ones. These rocker-style switches function the same as ordinary ones, giving you additional control without sacrificing the ease of use of a traditional switch.


Phillips smart bulbs are long lasting, connected LED light bulbs that give you more options for locations such as lamps and free standing lights not connected to switches.  They have the added bonus of multi-color bulb options for accenting areas of your home as well as dimming and brightness control on your phone. Things such as LED strips and mood lighting lamps can also be a great way to accent rooms such as home theaters and other spaces for entertaining. 


Harmony home theater controllers can help unify your TV devices in one place to allow much easier control of everything from one remote or even your phone/tablet. More than just a universal remote, Harmony allows you to set up "activities" that will automatically turn everything on and to the right setting so you don't have to juggle remotes and take 20 steps simply to watch TV. Like all these other smart devices, Harmony's activities and the TVs controls can be adjusted by your voice as well and automated to say, turn on the TV when you get home or turn it off at the end of the day if you so wish. 


Alexa allows control of all of your home smart devices via voice and provides many other features that make it central to any smart home. By connecting to all of your devices, Alexa can carry out complex tasks through simple named phrases such as turning off all house lights on one level, locking the doors, checking if windows are closed, setting the scene with lights for movie night, and limitless other combinations of tasks. It is also a very capable smart speaker on its own, allowing for management of your calendar, reading the news, making voice calls, playing music and much more. 


Sonos speakers are fantastic sounding audio speakers capable of adding great sound to any room in your home. Controllable by Alexa and fully integrated into your smart home controller, these speakers can be used individually, in pairs for stereo sound or even for home theater audio systems. Playing music in tandem or by room, they are a great way to get your entire home humming the same tune.




Our smart outlets allow remote power control of any device plugged into them, saving you money when they are not in use and giving things such as lamps and non-smart devices another useful feature. 


Rachio sprinkler controllers allow you to take advantage of weather reports and finer scheduling tools to save money on water and better take care of your lawn. Your sprinkler system can be controlled by your phone/tablet and has the ability not only to reduce water usage after rain but also can help you stick to watering schedules during droughts and dial in percentages during droughts.