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We are permanently closed.
Simply Smart Homes has stopped operations as of 7/14/22


Why did we close?

As many of our customers would attest, Eddie and I are very passionate about the change Christ has made in our lives. One of the best parts of our job was the ability to share that change with others while working. Often times we’ve said we would do this job even if there were no pay in it simply for the opportunity to speak on God’s love in our lives, and often in the first years of this company that actually was the case. 


When work slowed down at the beginning of Covid in 2020, we began volunteering our spare time during work hours to the non-profit ministry that changed both of our lives, LoveReality. Our goal has always been to further the gospel, and in helping the ministry we are able to see even more lives changed every day in addition to interactions we were able to have with our customers. Through the years as LoveReality expanded, we were eventually offered jobs within the organization. 


While it was tough to say goodbye to a company that had been so instrumental in our lives and the amazing people we got to work with on a daily basis, we knew God had opened a path to allow us to continue to speak on His love. We are excited about the opportunities that now come with doing ministry full time, and know by choosing this in faith just like we did when choosing Simply Smart Homes before, that God is blessing the effort and even more lives are being affected now.


In the last five years, we’ve had a lot of great experiences and have been blessed to have made personal connections with many of our customers, and that means a lot to us. If you reading this now are a past customer, we want to let you know we appreciate you and are very thankful you chose to use our services. We wouldn’t trade these years for anything and you are a big reason why.


It might not be for you, but if you are looking for a God that loves you unconditionally, doesn't condemn you, and did everything for you already so you can live truly free in this life, check out the links below and feel free to reach out to either me or Eddie. We'd be delighted to talk with you.

Thank you for an amazing five years and we hope to talk again soon.


God bless,


Addison Collingsworth

Founder | Simply Smart Homes


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